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Purple Faerie
I have always considered myself an extravert; but over the past few years, I have become more withdrawn and shielded. I can still be the social butterfly, that I have always been; I just don't feel like I have the social life that I have always loved.

School helps a little, I have friends, but I feel like I wont see or do anything with them outside of school.

I also have friend's outside of school, but I never see them as often, due to their work/school, them living out of town or state, or we just lost touch over the years.

I known school has pretty much taken over my social life, and when I have the breaks, I try to schedule hangout times, but it just doesn't add up. 😩

I am doing this for myself, and I know everyone is extremely proud of my accomplishments, over the last nine months; yet I feel like I am lousing a part of me that I wont ever get back. Although I am happy with everything I have done, and will be doing; yet everytime I look around and see everyone else around me, having fun, making plans, smiling & laughing, I can not help, feeling alone, left out, or unable to fit in, like I use too. I feel awkward in most social situations, and I can't figure out why or how this happened. 😩

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I'm guessing it's because you're tired and your focus is somewhere else. Once you get the school out of the way and get into a new job - you'll settle in and then you can go back and add your social life back in. It happened to me when I was working full time and going to massage school an hour away for a year. It'll work out.

Have faith. You're still you. :)

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